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When you give to In My Backyard® (IMBY), you're supporting an organization whose mission is to span all ethnic, geographic, and political boundaries with assistance they need. For us, it's all about our neighbors.

Your financial support is critical to carrying out our mission. There are a variety of opportunities to get involved including: volunteering time or hosting an event in your community and much more.

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  • The Elliott Projects

    IMBY embraces it’s local community under the Elliott projects initiative. IMBY aims to provide home and shelter improvements where conditions ...
  • Community

    The Hispanic community has welcomed the weekly assistance from IMBY with its weekly food box distribution
  • Maasai covid 19

    Your Donation will provide masks and much need food for the Maasai and Samburu tribe negatively impacted by the COVId-19 virus in Kenya Africa.
  • Kenya Spotlight

    For years it was a burden on my heart when I saw the daily challenges these groups of people faced.
  • Malaria Vaccine

    In eastern part of the country the disease is “out of control” with many parents letting their sick children die at home because they cannot afford treatment.
  • Furaha School

    The Furaha Primary School, is a School in Mudaka, Mudaka Territory, Kabare Territory, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo...
  • Pattern Education India

    But despite its exponential rate of economic growth, millions of children are being left behind. India accounts for one in three of the poor population worldwide...
  • Pattern Education Congo

    Because of the Great African War over 4,000,000 children were displaced. as a result of parents lost during the conflict
  • Lapu-Lapu

    The Lapu-Lapu Elementary school located in Lapu-Lapu city Philippines was established in 1974 with the aim of satisfying a great need for wholesome education within that part of the city.
  • Branch of Hope

    Your gift will provide a much-needed education, proper nutrition, school supplies to children in the Philippines, orphans in the Congo a country ravaged by war and India.
  • GJ Academy

    The lack of computers and its impact on learning at the Gethsemane Junior Academy was brought to the attention of IMBY by Miss Emelda Lewis.

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