Lapu-Lapu School



The Lapu-Lapu Elementary school located in Lapu-Lapu city Philippines.

Satisfying a great need for Christian education within that part of the city.

The Lapu-Lapu Elementary school located in Lapu-Lapu city Philippines was established in 1974 with the aim of satisfying a great need for Christian education within that part of the city. Over the years, the school population has dwindled from 250 to 100.

This has created an ongoing payroll liability as the current enrollment with students paying $32.00 USD per month is insufficient to cover operational expenses. As a result, the school has accrued a deficit of over one million pesos (approx. 53,000.00 USD) as it must borrow monthly to meet all operational expenses.

Some of the major factors which has led to this are:

  • Minimum enrollment because of low income
  • Major Deterioration of school building infrastructure. All classrooms on the upper level are now leaking. The is a major problem as the rainy season prolongs form June – December each year.
  • Lack of educational resources such as books, whiteboards, projectors, sewing machines, classroom desks etc.
  • Outdated computer lab which now has computers which are not operational.
  • Lack of school library


Discussions are now underway to close the school which has assisted the community greatly over the years despite the challenges. If this should happen this would see most students facing greater difficulty in travelling to other areas where there might be schools but more expensive. A minimum of $1000.00 USD per month would be required to keep this historical school from closing.

Updating their school computer lab, providing educational resources as listed would greatly enhance the student population of returning to its 250 enrollment it enjoyed years ago. Repairing of the school roof would be complimentary also. This would make the school once more a self-sustainable unit. Make a heartfelt donation today.

How your gift helps!

Your monthly donation of $35 USD will cover - monthly tuition for low income students, books, whiteboards, projectors and a computer lab.

All donations are tax deductible!

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Lapu Lapu Elementary School


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