The Elliott Projects

Addressing the plight of the homeless In My Backyard

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of no fixed address, without a roof over one's head, on the streets, vagrant, displaced, dispossessed, destitute, down-and-out
Helping the Homeless
Make a difference.


Elliott Initiative

Homelessness is a big problem for many North Carolinians with an estimated 9,314 on any given night in 2019 and is expected to rise in 2020 due to COVID-19. Therefore, IMBY is embracing its local community under the Elliott projects initiative to provide help to the homeless with the supplies they need the most this winter. Help us extend our arms of love as we embrace those in our backyard.

We are in desperate need of toiletries, sleeping bags. thermal wear and tents.

We have begun distributing some supplies and already there is need for more. Thank you for your donation.


How your gift helps!

Your donation of any amount will cover much needed repairs.

All donations are tax deductible!

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