Available Opportunities at IMBY

QuickBooks Bookkeeper Mentor

Volunteer experience bookkeeper needed to mentor staff member of a non-profit organization. Training will be done via remote desktop. Experience preferred in working with non-profits. Hours are negotiable. Areas of needed training are listed below:

  • Perform basic accounting procedures (such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, recording deposits).
  • Use QuickBooks Online account to categorize income and expense transactions
  • Prepare financial statements (such as monthly and quarterly financial reports, and other reports as needed).
  • Reconcile general ledger accounts
  • Reconcile monthly bank, investment, and credit card statements and make appropriate journal entries.
  • Categorize, and make bank deposits.
  • Enter bills due in QuickBooks and pay bills on time through online banking.
  • Creation of W-9's .and 1099
  • Create and manage invoices in QuickBooks
  • Process credit card payments received through order forms and at events.
  • Process returned checks and adjustments.
  • Assists in preparation of financial statements for accounting firm in preparation of tax reports.
  • Help create and monitor budgets and reports for grants and projects as needed.
  • Works closely with President, Vice President and board committees in preparation of the annual budget.

Make a worthy contribution towards our cause by making any eligible purchase. This can be the difference between an educated or non-educated child or even between life and death in a case where the malaria disease has been prolonged or just even for the operations of our ministry.


Literature Evangelism

Do you like knocking on doors? If so become a part of a growing literature evangelism team. Current opportunities now exist for donors to purchase much needed books and door to door workers (experienced and not experienced). If you have a strong desire for souls and desire to be part of praying ministry, please contact us.   

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