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Who are We?

In My Backyard is a non-profit organization, established by God for the sole purpose of bringing relief to suffering humanity, giving them hope for the future. Our organization was founded by Jerome Gayle and his dedicated wife Stacy. They have given years to missionary work in South Korea, as well as volunteered in several outreach events sponsored by their local church. IMBY is currently run and operated by a Board of Directors, Our team comprises of volunteers from within the United States and various parts of Asia and Africa.

We strongly believe wherever a need exist, it becomes a part of our backyard. Our global view and aim of outreach is rooted in the philosophy that one’s neighbor is not limited by geographical boundaries, as love has no boundaries, so with arms of love we embrace the world. Our inspiration comes as we see and hear of unlimited needs to be met locally and internationally. We emulate Jesus in selfless service.


To extend the branch of Hope by offering a helping hand to our neighbors "In My Backyard" the global community. Matt 28:19: Go Ye Therefore Our Partners/Team members: Our main supporters and partners comprised of missionaries from all over. People who love God and their fellow humans dedicate time, talent, and financial resources. If you have a desire to help spread hope and offer help to the needy, you are welcome to join our IMBY team.
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